Vegetables Export from India

India’s diverse climate ensures availability of all varieties of fresh produce. It ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world, after china, In the year 2019-20 India produced a total of 191.77 million metric tonnes of vegetables from 10.5 million hectares, India is a country endowed with fertile land, good irrigation facilities and modern technology in the field of cultivation ad production of Agriculture/ Horticulture based produce, All these positives makes export of agriculture products a lucrative proposition for farmers and exporters

With a variety of freshly grown vegetables India exported a total of 661 .61 million us dollar worth of vegetables from India in the year of 2020-21, in the vast diversification of vegetables exported from India some of the leading exports are accounted by onions, potatoes, tomatoes and green chilly, lady finger, drumstick which largely contributes to the export basket of India