Green Chilli Exporter in India

India is a leading producer of green chillies, producing more than 50% of the world's supply. The country has the largest area under green chilli cultivation in the world. India's climate and geography are perfect for growing green chillies, with India's topography ranging from mountain ranges to tropical jungles. The rich soil in India provides an ideal environment for chillies to grow. The heat of the green chilli pepper is measured in Scoville Units.

A jalapeno pepper, for example, has a Scoville rating of 2,500-5,000 units. The hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper, has a Scoville rating of 2.2 million units. The Indian green chilli falls into the medium range of heat with a Scoville rating of 1,000-2,000 units. India is the world's largest producer of green chillies and Globification Experts are proud Green Chilli Suppliers.

Asia produces around 65.8% of the world green chillies and pepper and stands at the top; Chillies produced in Asia are mainly of hot types.

Green chillies play a vital role in spicy foods. India plays a vital role in organic, residue-free green chillies production. The State of Andhra Pradesh in India is the top Indian green chilli producer. Globification experts company is Green Chilli Exporter in India we export tonnes of chillies every year.

The growing demand is because of its strong flavour and aroma. Buying chillies nowadays is equal to getting essential goods like salt and other stuff. As demand for organic chillies is continuously rising we are organic Green Chilli Suppliers too.

Relatively Indian chillies are thin and have unique pungent and as Globification experts company is Green Chilli Exporter in India we know they are crucial in Indian production reason behind this is a suitable climate and increased demand. More than 20 countries are importing quality Indian green chillies from Globification Experts.

Some countries importing green chillies from India are:Japan, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Canada, the United Kingdoms and so on.


Globification Experts company is a Green Chilli Exporter in India and Exports premium quality green chillies. It is expected that the green chillies imports from India may rise at the rate of 6.0% by 2022-27


Indian green chillies are known as capsicum annum. They are rich in vitamin C. They are antioxidants. Rich dietary fibres help to improve our digestive system. The Green Chillies belongs to the solanaceae family, which is well known as the nightshade family. Export quality green chillies by Globification Experts Green Chilli Suppliers are usually 3 to 4 inches in length and 12. 5 mm thickness.


Pods are olive green in colour turning dark red on ripening; the calyx is deeply shaped, seed content-id 38-40%, fairly tolerant to pest and diseases and useful for green chilly also


Fruits are long, thin with light green pericarp turning light red colour on ripening, colour is retentive on storage. High pungency and fairly tolerant to thrips, mites and aphids. The calyx is persistent and cup-shaped. Seed content 42%

Jwala Eagle

Pods are long and slender (10-12 cm in length), seed content is less than 35%, suitable for green chilly production around Hyderabad