Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) belongs to family Euphorbiaceae.It is one of the important indigenous fruits of Indian subcontinent. It is a rich source of vitamin C and it is one of the three constituents of the famous ayurvedic preparation, triphala, which is prescribed in many digestive disorders. It is used in making pickles and preserves. The aonla preserve is one of the Specialties of the Indian fruit-preservation industry.


NA-4 It is seedling selection from Chakaiya.Fruit are medium sized with higher fibre content, preferred by industry for pulp extraction and manufacture of various products.It has a mid-season maturity (mid Nov.-mid Dec.)


NA-5 It is a seedling selection from Banarasi.The fruits are large, triangular, and conical: skin is smooth, whitish green to apricot yellow with red spot on exposed portion. Flesh is pinkish green, less fibrous and highly astringent. It is a early maturing variety (mid Oct.-mid Nov.)


NA-7 t is a seedling selection from Francis.Fruits are of medium to large size with conical apex.Fibre content is little higher than NA-6.It is a mid- season Variety.


NA-10 This is a chance seedling selection from cultivar Banarasi. Fruits are attractive,medium to large in size and flattened round in shape;skin is rough,yellowish green with pink tinge.Flesh is whitish green,Fibre content is higher.It is an early maturity variety.

Powdered indian gooseberry

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