Top Banana Exporters in India

A dedicated team carefully selected the bananas Globification Experts export and later packed under strict quality check under our registered brand ‘Globification Experts’. Globification experts are Top Banana Exporters in India, and we source the bananas from the best banana plantations across India.

Globification Experts banana is famous for banana export from India, and we have tie-ups with farms across India to supply high-quality bananas. All of our farms have a suitable area with ideal climatic conditions for cultivating bananas. We choose bananas that are of high-quality origin and variety.

Globification Experts are Top Banana Exporters in India, and we make sure to use hygienic conditions to pack the bananas. We know there is a massive demand for fresh Indian bananas around the world, and that’s why our bananas are cultivated with all technical assistance required to produce high-quality fruits to meet our clients quality specifications.

Globification experts farms are in one of India's largest banana cultivating areas, and our farmers are adopting drip irrigation technology to be ecologically sustainable. Our farms are in the ideal climatic condition for growing bananas.

Globification Experts has earned a reputation for quality Banana Export From India ad for supplying top quality Bananas. We have direct tie-ups with farmers in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. We source and provide bananas from all these States. Our significant volume orders ensure profitability for farmers and a very competitive price for manufacturers/packers. Globification Experts, as socially aware Exporter, understands both sides of our business that we make sure to give the best prices to our farmers for their hard work and ensure that we provide the best prices to our clients.

Globification Experts as Top Banana Exporters in India, follow stringent quality control procedures to ensure the best quality product reaches our clients. We make sure only premium quality is exported. Bananas are taken from the field to packaging houses equipped with modern facilities. Standard guidelines are followed right from sorting, grading and packing as set by food authorities, thereby meeting international standards for export.

G9 cavendish

Cavendish bananas have two varieties that are the Dwarf Cavendish and the Grand Nain which is also called the Chiquita banana. Cavendish bananas account for the largest production all over the world and are the most internationally traded bananas.


Robusta banana belongs to the Cavendish sub group & it has a thick signature yellow peel when ripe with an ivory cream, semi starchy flesh.


Velchi bananas Are tiny and dwarf sized bananas that are sweeter and costlier. They are also known as Elaichi banana, Yelakki bananas and Chinia banana because of their small size and not their taste & flavour