About - Food exporters in india

Welcome to Globification Experts

Globification Experts is a leading exporter of food products like Cereal, Grains, Pulses, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Spices, etc., to several destinations around the globe; our primary exports are to the Gulf and ASEAN countries. With several partnerships with distributers across multiple continents, Globification has grown to be among the leading companies for food export from India.

Who Are We?

Globification is a team of agriculture product traders and has experience of more than ten years in trading and sourcing Agriculture commodities. India has been known historically for its spices and food throughout the world, and Globification works to maintain this tradition alive by exporting Indian food products across the globe. In turn, we are helping in Indian economy because we know export is key to our growth. This is why Globification exports all sorts of agriculture commodities, including spices, cereal, pulses, and fresh fruits and vegetables from India of the best quality and keeping checks to meet international standards.

Globification has a team of 20+ sourcing agents across India in local markets to procure the best quality of products available in different states and cities to fulfil the global requirement for top-notch products across all arrays of agricultural commodities

About - Food exporters in india
About - Food exporters in india

What We Do?

Globification exports food products from India. We, at Globification, understands the demand for Indian agriculture commodities around the globe, which is why we offer all kinds of food export from India. We help our distributors and customers find the right food products.

Globification experts eliminate the middle man by procuring the products directly from farmers. This, in turn, helps farmers get the correct prices they deserve for their work. This is our way of taking care of the farmer society's socio-economic welfare and giving you "Our Client" the most natural, pure unadulterated food at the best prices.

We process the food to the correct requirement, do the food packaging, and send it off to you with our export services. We make sure that our clients get the right traceability of our products to know where the products are coming from. We sort the products to ensure the quality standards are met to fulfil the exact requirement of the customers. We understand that export is a time-bound process; we at Globification make sure we work round the clock to deliver your products on time.